Gynexin Vs Gynemax

GyneMax Vs Gynexin

Option #1: Ultimate GyneMax Pills Treatment (Natural Supplements):

UltimateGyneMax.jpgUltimate GyneMax are 100% natural and was just released earlier this year. It is taking the industry by storm for many reasons.

It targets the chest fatty cells specifically… making it so much easier to lose the chest fat… even if you don’t want to lose muscle.

I could go on and on about this one. Why? Because 2 months of these pills changed my world.

Am I saying they’re the miracle pills? Not at all. You must use the Fast Track system which you’ll hear about in a minute and use it with the pills. But these two, in my book, make for THE ultimate solution for 99% of all man boob sufferers.

Backed by personal experience and independent studies, this is my top choice:

1. Ultimate Gynemax: The Ultimate Gynemax Gynecomastia Pills is a 100% natural supplement that is the result of several years of research by a core team of some of the brightest scientific minds.  Ingredients inside these pills are backed by 3 US patents.  The result is one of the most effective and safe chest fat loss solutions, designed specifically to target the fatty cells in your chest, helping you to abolish the man boobs FOREVER!

2. Currently, Ultimate GyneMax is the ONLY natural gynecomastia treatment in the market that is protected by 3 U.S. Patents.

3. This is a 100% safe and natural herbal supplement that has been highly recommended by doctors. Ultimate GyneMax works by combining the amazing appetite-suppressing power of Caralluma Fimbriata with the metabolism-boosting power of Chromium Picolinate.

4. Ultimate GyneMax is one of the very few man boobs reduction supplement that can effectively burn the fat located in your chest. Many users of Ultimate GyneMax report fast and permanent results.
Ultimate GyneMax Testimonials

I wish to thank you for recommending Ultimate GyneMax. I had suffered with gynecomastia for what seemed a lifetime. No more embarrassment for me.

-Len R. (Tucson, Arizona)

Ultimate GyneMax is the ultimate formula for men suffering from gynecomastia! I had mild man boobs after experimenting with steroids whilst body building. My breasts are already well toned after taking 3 GyneMax bottles. The negative effect of my steroid use has VANISHED. Being a body conscious person it’s been such a relief to get rid of the man boobs I developed.

-Phil (Adelaide, Australia)


* It’s endorsed and recommended by doctors and the leading online authority on man boobs

* It’s the only man boobs treatment that is protected from 3 U.S. Patents

* Ultimate Gynemax is a 100% natural supplement which has no reported side-effects

* Fast result, usually as early as the 4th week

* 60 days money back guarantee – no fine print..


* Ultimate GyneMax is more expensive than your typical supplement. But I guess that’s because it isn’t your typical supplement. (The more you order, the less it cost per bottle)

* Must order through website… but it’s easy with their forms. (It’s not like I wanted to talk with someone anyway)

* Shipping 2-4 days United States / 10-14 business days outside USA. Yes, you’ll have to wait a few days. Ask for the Fast Track guide and they’ll email you the link. This will give you plenty to do before you even get the supplements.


Ultimate GyneMax works. I could tell my chest fat was shrinking after about the 3rd week. The herbal supplements didn’t have any side effects and it actually made me feel good being on them. Not like other pills I’ve used in the past. I highly recommend them.  Most pills have filler but these are packed with vitamins. Almost like taking a men’s vitamin.

Free Get This Off My Chest NOW System with Ultimate GyneMax

getthisoffmychestnow2_cover2.jpgFor a limited time only, you’ll also get a free copy of ‘Get This Off My Chest NOW’ Fast Track System by Man Boobs Guru, Trey Jones, worth $242.95 when you purchase Ultimate GyneMax. To get this free system and try the revolutionary pills, click here- Ultimate GyneMax.

Gynexin Review: The Gynexin Alpha Formula is a 100% natural supplement designed to target and burn fat cells in the chest area.

First let's start by saying that Gynexin was the current leader in the gynecomastia natural supplements market. It has been on the market for more than 7 years. Gynexin is completely natural and is developed around one single idea, to help you get rid of your man boobs.

How Does it Work?

The Gynexin Alpha Formula works by targeting the fatty cells located in your chest and effectively help to reduce them both in size and quantity. It is important to specify that Gynexin has no reported side effects according to the company.

When i first started to write this review about Gynexin i wanted to find real people that used it and experienced great results, so i started looking all around various forums discussion. My results were that there are very few before and after pictures on the site… That was what I was looking for… first and foremost.

Gynexin is Effective… just go check it out on their website- Click Here

You must understand that although Gynexin is very effective, it won't help you very much if you don't change your habits at some point.

Most satisfied customers reported seeing results within 6 to 9 weeks. Optimal results are often achieved between a period of 3 to 6 months.


* Gynexin is Endorsed by doctors
* 100% Natural with no reported side-effects
* Very easy to use
* Works fast


* Has to be ordered by mail, so it can take a while to get
* Their refund is nothing compared to Ultimate GyneMax… Alot of red tape…

Do I believe Gynexin is the best treatment to get rid of man boob?

Many have used it with great success. You can go check out their product- Click Here

What do I recommend?

Although I do think that gynexin is a good product at one time, there is another completely natural supplement that I highly recommend. This product is the Ultimate Gynemax! The Ultimate GyneMax formula is very effective, but on top of that it is combined with a step-by-step natural system to help you get rid of your man boobs fast and naturally.  Gynexin vs Ultimate Gynemax… I'm guessing you see what I think already…



P.S. Good luck and let me know your results. I’d love to hear about them…

GyneMax vs Gynexin?

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