June 28, 2011

Thoramax Review: Review of Thoramax.. Part 2

So, 5 days ago, I uploaded a video on Thoramax review and showed how they were copying word for word the website… Ultimate GyneMax. In one sense I could see how this would be flattering to Gynemax because the saying goes… When others try to copy you, they want to be like you… But on the other hand, this would make me furious. When you have a product that you have tested and men have seen real results and then for someone who wants to compete with you comes along and copies every word that you say… Copies your success stories and puts it on their site… that is just sad… to say the least.

So, why another post? Because Thoramax has not done ONE thing about it. Going to their site today shows that they still have ALL the copy still on it and ALL the pictures still posted to their site. If you are a man suffering with gynecomastia here is my advice… ALWAYS go with the company that is being copied… there is usually a big reason for this to happen.


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