May 21, 2011

Article On Gynecomastia Surgery: Knowing What You're Getting Into

The following gynecomastia procedures should be discussed with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will help you choose the technique best suited for each individual.

Gynecomastia or Gynaecomastia (British spelling) is a troublesome condition that is believed to occur in as many as thirty per cent of young males. In it, there is development of breast tissues, often to the extent that they resemble female breasts, hence the name of the condition, Gynecomastia or 'woman-like breasts'.

1. For pseudogynecomastia: Liposuction or lipo sculpture of the of the pseudogynecomastia is used to remove the fatty tissue by suction using a negative pressure source (pump or syringe). Usually performed with tumescent method to decrease bleeding.

2. For true gynecomastia: Excision of the male breast tissue. This real gynecomastia tissue cannot be suctioned and has to be removed by surgical excision. Usually performed through the lower part of the aerola (between the pigmented part and the skin). When done properly, this usually leaves inconspicuous scars (athletes and body builders cannot afford prominent scars).

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