May 20, 2011

Ultimate GyneMax Review: Update Part 2

Ultimate GyneMax Review: Does GyneMax Work?

Does Ultimate GyneMax work? Where is a Ultimate Gynemax review? When I was suffering from my man boobs, I went online looking for a solution. But I was a little different. I wasn’t looking for surgical answers because I'm a married man with kids and I don’t have thousands to get rid of my chest fat… even if it was wrecking my life.

There was only two solutions as far as supplements go: Gynexin and Ultimate GyneMax.

The reviews for ultimate gynemax were lacking because it was so new. I went to the site and downloaded the case studies of the ingredients. For me this was THE difference. What was in the pills? All the studies were for 8 weeks and showed significant results… So I ordered 3 months worth. With the 60 day guarantee what did I have to lose? But my moobs.

The first month I saw very little difference. Sure- energy wise I could feel the boost. I noticed I stayed in a better mood but looking in the mirror every day produced the same sadness. But again- what the heck- I stayed with it. Around the 6 week is when I noticed mirror difference. Now I couldn’t tell you if they had shrink as far as how many pounds… but I knew they had gone down.

I was stoked.

During this time, I hadn’t mentioned to my wife that i was taking them.

Let’s just say I didn’t want her chalking this up as another solution that didn’t work. She said to me one morning, "Are you losing weight? It seems like your clothes are getting too big for you." THAT was the day I knew we were on the right track.

Well you can see my home page to see what happened after that. I didn’t have the guts to send in my before and after pictures but I thank Ultimate GyneMax from the bottom of my heart.

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